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OWI is the fastest growing company takes pride in introducing the Korean technology in the Bidet industry. With our technical experts based in Korea and the Sales and Marketing divisions based in Hong Kong, work operation locates in China under the quality control with Korea standard. OWI Bidet is known for its innovative technology, stylish design, international standards of maintenance standards and economical price.


OWI offers an economical, logical allocation program with minimal overheads and hassle free functions that suits the need of each and every individual of all age and provides you with personalized cleansing equipments. Our vision is to offer most recent and innovative technology experience to our customers while we research new ideas to make their experience more convenient, hygienic and up to some extentCartistic as well. We, at OWI bidet work towards a healthier and cleaner lifestyle by using modern technology to give you cost-effective and state- of -the -art energy -saver equipments.


OWI bidet has a product for all. Controlled by a press button, it is actually operated by water pressure. The riddance of electricity usage makes it safe to use and helps you to save energy. The OWI hybrid bidet seat model Perfect 1000 and 1100 mainly target the middle and highly sophisticated end users whereas Perfect 800 mainly target the low and the economic end users.


 With our latest, innovative and patented technology -^3 Nozzles System ̄ and ^Trumpet Type Water Divider ̄ you can be rest assured that your private areas are cleaned properly and gently. With its one touch function, multi-way spray and water press operation it is designed for hassle free operation for people of all ages. Moreover, the massage effect of the water helps proper blood flow thereby preventing ailments like hemorrhoids and constipation. The  3000 SV and 3000 PBC model also known as the OWI Toilet Shower¨ is a new generation water closer.


The main target of OWI Hybrid bidet is to assist the large sanitary ware manufacturer to build in this shower system in their existing bowl which will help them save cost as with this they won¨t need to make a separate mould for the toilet bowl.

The OWI hybrid bidet system is an ultimate solution for the new generation, especially people who have shortage of space and want a clean and good looking toilet - OWI hybrid bring them the most up- to- date closet for them. It is safe, easy to install and moreover there is no electricity needed. With OWI hybrid bidet there is no need for hand held bidet in your restroom. With OWI Hybrid Basic and Deluxe built in bidet system you can be assured that your restroom is clean, and dry. Thanks to its quality and hygiene specifications, it is a product not only good for homes and new buildings but also hospitals and hotels.