- Hybrid technology included
- 3 nozzles system(unique front nozzle + 2 rear nozzles)
- For round shape toilet bowl

Hybrid Bidet Seat


Perfect 1100



Perfect 1200




OWI Hybrid Bidet aimed for one step further in perfection when it designed the Perfect 1100
bidet. This model is for round toilet bowl. Like Perfect 1000, it also comes with the unique
patented technology of two rear and one front nozzle multi way spray system to give an overall
cleanliness and hygiene for whole family.


It has a separate nozzle for ladies and men for proper hygienic cleansing according to their body
needs and structure. This bidet is long lasting and provides a massage effect to your sensitive
areas that activate the blood flow and reduces the chance of diseases such as hemorrhoids and


For proper sanitation and cleansing of private parts of men after urination, it has unique front
nozzle system. Its Trumpet type water divider’ one button press operation makes it easy and
comfortable to use by everyone at your house. Thanks to this, kids who cannot clean themselves
or elders who cannot move freely can even use it by just pressing a button. Its non electronic
operations make it safe and secure for them as well.


The Perfect 1100 is designed to give you every comfort and luxury. You can control the pressure
of water through its user-friendly water pressure control switch. Also, you can change the
temperature of water from hot to cold or the other way round.

Front Cleansing:
This patented unique cleansing nozzle is designed for the prevention of bacteria in the private areas of man by spraying streams of water after urination.
Feminine & Kids Cleansing:
The cleansing of female parts can be done effectively from the separate bidet nozzle that directs a softer spray of water, for tender cleaning of feminine areas. This function is especially useful for women during menstruation, pregnancy and in other such conditions where hygiene and sanitation become very important. Kids are not able to clean well by themselves with tissue paper after bowel movement, the spray water can clean the target area entirely.
Posterior Cleansing:
The posterior cleansing nozzle arm administers a jet of water for effective posterior cleaning after using the toilet. It not only helps in cleaning but provides a massaging effect also to improve blood circulation and prevents hemorrhoids and constipation from occurring.
Self-cleaning Nozzle:
The nozzle cleaning operation automatically cleans nozzles before and after each use. This unique feature ensures that your bathroom is clean after each use.
Water Pressure Control:
You can select from various options of water pressure for different needs of cleansing. You can also preset your most comfortable water pressure level for convenient use.
Cold / Hot Water Selection:
You can also control the water temperature by adjusting the knobs.
Ergonomic seat design:
‘Nut’ shapedesign provides comfort sesting and front area specially designed for kids.
Slowdown Seat and Lid:
Its effective unidirectional design gently lowers the toilet lid and seat so they don’t
shut noisily when released after use.
Saving energy and Ensuring Safety:
As it is a non-electricity based bidet, you save on electric bills while securing your
family against any kind of electric accidents that could happen in case of contact of
water and electricity.

 Model No. Perfect 1100
 Water Supply : Tap Water
 Water Pressure : 0.095mpa ~ 0.7mpa
 Measurement : 506L x 473W x 155Hmm
 Net Weight : 3.6kgs
 Material / Color : ABS/ Ivory


 Model No. Perfect 1200
 Water Supply : Tap Water
 Water Pressure : 0.095mpa ~ 0.7mpa
 Measurement : 506L x 488W x 155Hmm
 Net Weight : 3.6kgs
 Material / Color : ABS/ Ivory