Toilet Shower the New Age Cleaning WC with Built in bidet system


Perfect 3100



Perfect 3200



This gem from the house of OWI Hybrid Bidet packs a punch in one! A built in hybrid bidet system Toilet Shower with press button control different spray of water. Perfect 3200is designed to direct the water effectively through 2 ways of combination and according to the temperature (hot/cold) you wish for.

This Hybrid bidet system operates with water pressure. It can be installed inside of any normal ceramic toilet bowl. Connects to the tap water pipe at the time being the water closet fixed in the bathroom,. It is cost effective, a minimal cost added to the new water closet then you will have this new generation WC with built in cleansing function.


Perfect 3200 press button control TOILET SHOWER provides every aspect of cleanliness and hygiene to every member of your family. You save.

Posterior Cleansing:
The posterior cleansing is three times more effective with it. The water spray has comes out of combination of nozzles, you select. Along with the quality of cleanliness and hygiene, it cares for you as well. The strong yet gentle sprinkling jets of water massage your sensitive areas and activate the blood flow. You get cleanliness and no danger of developing any health threats!
Female & Kid Cleansing:
A soft spray of water with a gentle touch for softer ones in your home. For women, cleanliness of private areas is always a concern. Be it a part of daily routine care or during special days like menstruation or in pregnancy. Even kids, who are unable to wipe themselves, well with clean water this separate bidet nozzle eliminate your concern of cleanliness and ensuring hygiene for them.
Self-cleaning Nozzle:
The nozzle cleaning function automatically cleans nozzles before and after each use, it is designed so that you can always be confident that your bathroom facilities are truly clean.
Water pressure control:
You can choose different levels of water pressure for different needs of cleansing. Also you may preset your favorite water pressure level instead of adjusting the water pressure on every time of use.
Cold / Hot Water selection:
Cold / Hot water can be selected. You can control the water temperature for what you want.
Energy saving:
No electricity required, save your electricity charges.
LED Anti-bacterial:
After used of the nozzle, LED light will kill the bacterial to keep the nozzle clean for next user uses.
You provide an extra sense of security to your family by providing them a toilet shower that won't catch fire or cause electric shock in case of contacting direct water.
Easy usage:
The patented technology of ‘Trumpet type water divider' allows you one button press
operation for easy use by all.
Cost effective:
A little cost added then will have a fully cleansing functions of toilet shower.
Easy to install:
Its installation is as easy as fixing a normal water closet in your bathroom.
Keep your water closet clean:
Can be wash directly with water. Keep your water closet clean everyday
Upgrading you living quality:
This new toilet shower with built in bidet system bring you a high quality hygienic life. There will be no external bidet showed needed in our bathroom.
Assures the Cleanliness of Water Closet:
You do not have to apply extra cleaning procedure or worry about its hygiene as Perfect 3000 PBC can be washed directly through water.


 Model No. Perfect 3100
 Water Supply : Tap Water
 Water Pressure : 0.095mpa ~ 0.7mpa
 Measurement : 68x37x78.5cm
 Net Weight : 45kgs
 Material / Color : Ceramic/ White


 Model No. Perfect 3200
 Water Supply : Tap Water
 Water Pressure : 0.095mpa ~ 0.7mpa
 Measurement : 68x38.5x78.5cm
 Net Weight : 45kgs
 Material / Color : Ceramic/ White