- Hybrid technology included

- 2 nozzles system

- For all types of toilet bowl

Toilet Shower


Perfect 800



Perfect 810




This OWI Hybrid Panel Bidet is designed to provide a quality and affordable experience of cleanliness and hygiene to your whole family. It is non electronic that makes it cost effective so that every family can have one and enjoy a healthy living.


It can be controlled through press button operation which makes it convenient to use and let you control the nozzle. Even People having difficulties with vision can use it easily. You can adjust the water flow and temperature. The pressure of water can be preset to your favorite levels. Yes, only Hybrid Panel Bidet 800 has this unique feature that allows you to set the water temperature to either hot or cold.


Opening a jet of water to clean your private areas, this penal bidet gives you an added advantage of massage as well that stimulates the blood flow and reduces the chances of occurrence of any health issues like hemorrhoids and constipation.

Feminine & Kids Cleansing:
Separate bidet nozzle the effectiveness of the cleansing of feminine areas can be increased. This nozzle ensures proper care and hygiene of sensitive areas of women on a daily basis and also during menstruation and in pregnancy period. Kids are not able to clean well by themselves with tissue paper after bowel movement, the spray water can clean the target area entirely.
Posterior Cleansing:
Directing a stream of water that cleanses the posterior area giving a massaging effect, this posterior cleansing nozzle contributes to your hygiene and care.
Self-cleaning Nozzle:
This function enables the nozzle to self clean itself by water after every use. This feature is designed so that, you do not to have to Compromise on quality and cleanliness in any way.
Control Water Pressure Temperature:
The control of selecting water pressure is in your hands.
Adjust Water Temperature:
You can preset the temperature to cold or warm and water flow according to your needs of cleansing.
Button Type Nozzle Selection:
This patented and unique technology makes it accessible by all. The nozzle can be operated like on and off buttons. For men, women and kids C there are different button making it convenient and comfortable to use.
Keep Your Favorite Original Toilet Seat:
You just need to install it under your original toilet seat which keeps your toilet bowl with matched toilet seat.
Saving energy and Ensuring Safety:
As it is a non-electricity based bidet, you save on electric bills while securing your family against any kind of electric accidents that could happen in case of contact of water and electricity.


 Model No. Perfect 800
 Water Supply : Tap Water
 Water Pressure : 0.095mpa ~ 0.7mpa
 Measurement : 425L→295W→125Hmm
 Net Weight : 1kg
 Material / Color : ABS/ Ivory


 Model No. Perfect 810
 Water Supply : Tap Water
 Water Pressure : 0.095mpa ~ 0.7mpa
 Measurement : 425L→310W→125Hmm
 Net Weight : 1kg
 Material / Color : ABS/ Ivory